"Oh my gosh this book destroyed me in the best of ways!!! I was dying throughout this whole book!! The tension is insane!! I Loved it!!!" - Hannah's Book Obsession

Lauren brought light to the darkness that haunted my soul, giving me the breath of life I didn’t know existed. Monsters like me don’t deserve the peace she brings, but she doesn’t think I’m the demon I was raised to be. I’ve fooled her as I’ve fooled my father.

But my Dad is onto me, my poker face threatening to break.
He can sense the hitch in his plan,
But he’s hooked,
And his intuition hasn’t stopped him from plotting the ultimate goal.
Riley is ready to use Lauren as the bait my father desperately desires,

But I can’t.
I won’t.
I’ve fallen too hard,
Too fast.

Now I have a choice to make.
Follow my heart and save only one, or shatter it to free many.
Resisting the only love I’ve ever tasted might be harder than destroying the innocent.

Author Brooke Page


Romance Books Author