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My name is Brooke and I'm happy to share my passion for writing with you all!

Growing up, I always enjoyed storytelling. In fact, I had endless notebooks filled with all of my crazy thoughts. A friend found them one day, and gave me grief. Even society would ridicule writers and their creativity, wondering how they could be claimed "normal" for the ideas and stories that come from their head.

So I came to a crossroads my junior year of high school, either to conform or move on. Being the 16 year old I was, I chose a different route, skipping creative writing class for graphic design. 

My senior year of high school was then dedicated to creating my portfolio, deciding to pursue a teaching degree in Art Education, Skip six years later, I find myself with a family and an interior design degree. I decided to stay home with my new baby, but felt something was missing in my life.

That itch was scratching at the surface. I couldn't think straight, I couldn't focus on any one task. I was literally being consumed by my thoughts. So there I sat, staring at my computer screen while my six week old slept in her bouncy seat. Surely I could start writing, just because it was in my computer, didn't mean I had to share with the world.

But the plot felt like it was going somewhere, and my thoughts were finally clearing. This was what I needed to do with my life, whether it was for hobby or a career.

After reading a blog post by author Jamie McGuire, I decided to give self-publishing a try. I've learned a lot and made mistakes along the way, and I'm sure I will make more, but one thing is for sure, I will never regret the late nights of writing, the endless conversations on Facebook with like minded people, because at the end of the day, I'm doing what I love, and it doesn't matter if the world thinks my mind is different. I am who I am, and am proud to call myself a writer.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and learn about my books. I hope they bring you as much joy and passion as they have brought me.

Brooke Page

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