Author Brooke Page


Romance Books Author

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR introduces the final installment of the Bad Boss Series, A New Year with My Bad Boss.


Mack and Kelsey finally accept their desires and pursue their insanely hot and passionate relationship. No longer afraid of how their co-workers will perceive them being romantically involved instead of hard-headed, Mack and Kelsey still have a few hurdles to jump.
Mack is completely smitten with Kelsey but realizes she’s reluctant to open up about her family, and Kelsey has good reason to remain tight-lipped when it comes to her dysfunctional upbringing. While Kelsey deciphers how to introduce Mack to her less than traditional parents, Mack is blindsided by his own family’s scandals.
Will Mack and Kelsey be able to navigate through the bizarre lifestyles surrounding them? Will they crumble? Or will they trust their hearts and believe love can conquer all?

Enjoy this contemporay, yet spicy office romance with a holiday twist!