Author Brooke Page


Romance Books Author

"There were so many twists I didn't see coming right away. The author did a great job keeping me guessing and made the wait worth every minute." -Books R Us

I’ve fought off the monster.
Destroyed his empire along with his imitators.
I thought that would be the cure for the emptiness,
But it’s still casting a dark shadow over my heart.

Now, I’ve been assigned a new task in the small town of Harris.
The same town I sent my heart to seven years ago.
I’ve accepted the mission, and plan on taking more than the bad guys.

There’s one problem.
Lauren has a life in Harris,
And my unannounced arrival might shake the life she’s fought hard to build after our heartbreak at The Shore.

I’m coming to pick up the pieces.
To rebuild what I broke.
I was mistaken when I thought taking down my father would restore my faith in love.
Lauren did that with just a flash of a smile.
She’s who I need,
Whom I desire.
The only person on this planet that I trust.
I’m not leaving until I have her.