Author Brooke Page


Romantic Suspense Author

"Bad boy drummer with a past meets do gooder charity girl. Super fast read and easy to get lost in character descriptions. Brooke Page writes with just the right amount of details without overdoing it. Can’t wait to read the rest in the series."

- Baumgas Apple ibooks

I never thought I’d want to be so naughty.

I was the good girl, the one every parent dreamed their daughter would grow up to be.
All it took was for a stranger to show up to a community playground project that my parent’s nonprofit had organized.

He wasn’t like any other man I’d come across. Tall and lean, strong muscles with tattoos and a killer smile distracted me the entire morning. 
Little did I know when he told me he worked on the road, that really meant,
I’m a drummer in the most popular rock band on the music charts.

When my best friend with an anger problem pushed me out of my comfort zone, I found myself standing awkwardly at his concert, still in disbelief that the drummer on the stage was the same good citizen I’d built a playground with from scratch.

My parents always told me to stay away from musicians and guys with tattoos, believing I’d start the perfect life with a white picket fence and their family friend’s all-too-proper son.

But I don’t know if I can resist the desire to be bad with a rock star.

Even if it’s just for one night.