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"Brooke Page not only delivers a suspenseful, erotic tale, but balances it incredibly well with a refreshing amount of humor and heart break. I'm excited for book 2, eager to discover what's next for Mitch and Jamie."

-USA Today & New York Times Bestselling Author Angela Graham

She was light in my arms, her head lolled over my bicep as I carried her with quick strides to the elevator. The metal rod I’d hit her with caused a knot to rise on the side of her head instantly. I crinkled my brows as I stared down at her beautiful face and the wave of her soft caramel hair, trying to reign in my anger.
The way she looked at him, cried for him, let his blood cover her…
It was too much.
She loved that man, but I was the only one allowed to have her heart.
Shoving the knife in his side, twisting it deeper while watching his eyes widen with fear was exhilarating, the best revenge I could get. The last kick to his temple to shut him up after I hit Jamie over the head had sealed the deal. He might have made it if he could have kept his mouth shut, but I doubted it. Watching the blood drain from his lifeless body after pounding him with my fist in the face felt too amazing.
That face kissed my woman. Probably in too many places.
He had to die.