Author Brooke Page


Romance Books Author


"A captivating storyline with twists to the plot with every turn of the page." Wicked Tales of Racy Reads

The nightmares weren’t going away with time like the therapist said.
My ex-husband was supposed to disappear from my life and mind once the trial was over, yet still, he was consuming me, controlling my thoughts and actions.
My best friend across the world had an idea to fix my troubled mind and writer's block. He wanted me to come for a visit, stay with him, and clear my mind from the damage my former husband had caused.
Jake said he’d help me get my writing flow back, but I was afraid, and excited, that it might bring out more emotions than I could handle. I fought the small crush that was beginning to develop for him over time because I was married, but now I didn’t have any rules to abide by.
Is someone you’ve talked to for years on the internet really a stranger?
I’m told it’s dangerous to meet someone online.
I know Jake. I have for years, and the butterflies fluttering in my stomach are eager to be released.