Author Brooke Page


Romance Books Author

"I have never read anything quite like this. My emotions were so totally engaged and spinning. Lindsey and Levi were so different and yet the chemistry between them was explosive and heartfelt."

- Meg from VINE VOICE

Sleeping with a cowboy was never a part of the plan.
I was supposed to meet him face to face, persuade him to sign paperwork, and enjoy the rest of my life without being tied to him.
I was supposed to give him a piece of my mind, inform him of everything he took away from me, that my parents weren’t who he thought they were.
That was easier said than done. I hadn’t seen more than a few photos of him in his childhood, but now, he was a full grown man; Broad, fit, and sexy as hell.
His foreign touch was addictive, sending my head in a rush and my heart to beat into overdrive.
Could the chemistry and passion we share be enough to overpower my jealousy and hatred toward him?