Author Brooke Page


Romance Books Author

" I was shocked, stunned, taken for a ride, however you want to say it! I never saw this story going the way it did. Brooke slapped my face and kept on writing, I sat there reading with my mouth hanging open. I still can't believe the things that happen in this book."- Just One More Page

“You can’t get caught up in this dicey scheme, Becca. He’ll ruin you.”
His eyes were as big as saucers, childlike and pleading.
Tyler was terrified and in way too deep, barely hanging on by a thread from the mess his family created.
I adored and cherished him more than my own life. I had to keep him safe.
We belonged together, forever.
The most dangerous man was doing everything in his power to destroy my Ty.
To destroy us.
I won’t let it happen. The villain won’t break what I’ve fought so hard to find.